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Helping Us Help Others

Tuition is a driving force behind academic success in schools today, where students receive one to one, tailored support to help them reach goals their goals. 

Students seek private tutors for a variety of reasons from wanting to pass 11 plus exams to aiming for a pass or a top grade at GCSEs or A levels.  

Whatever the students are looking for, private tuition can become quite costly, creating a further social divide between the haves and the have nots.

At Rank My Maths, we aim to ensure that every child should be given the opportunity to benefit from a private tutor.

While paying our tutors a rate that reflects their knowledge and experience, the main way we aim to keep costs low for families who need it is through donations from individuals and organisations who understand our mission.  

With the donations we receive, we are able to offer families discounted rates of over 50% and where warranted, we wish to provide full scholarships.

Families applicable for discounts will be those who are able to evidence financial hardship through a variety of mediums.* 

Please complete the above form if you would like more information about becoming a monthly sponsor, where you will be able to follow the progress of the child you are sponsoring.  Or please simply click the donate button about to leave a one off seed.

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