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FOR YEAR 4,5,6

A great revision tool for students to revise what they have learned, test their understanding, improve speed and provide challenge.

Ideal for students in Year 5 preparing to sit 11 plus exams in Year 6 and also good for Foundation GCSE Maths revision.

COMING SOON: angles, algebra, negative numbers...and many more!
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Doing Homework

What level of maths does my child need to have to pass the 11+





Most schools that run an entrance exam into Year 7 (11 Plus), will state that their exam cover National Curriculum KS2 Maths content.

Yes that may be true, but always remember that the 11 Plus exams are sat at the start of Year 6.  At this point they are assessing your child with "end of Year 6" content,  So basically, you need your child to be one year ahead with their content knowledge.  

Not only do they need to be one year ahead, they need to have mastered the content too, to the point they can recall facts and problem solve at a very fast pace. 

More and more you are seeing an expectation of some knowledge of Year 7 content.  Most schools will teach this to the more able in Year 6 anyway, but be aware that topics such as algebra, powers and indices, solving algebraic equations and expanding brackets may be in your child's test also.  

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