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Watch our video and see how we can support you and child in your selective school journey.

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In our 'test package' your child will sit a 50 minute online multiple choice maths test.   The questions are typical of most secondary school selective tests.  Within 7 days you will receive your child's score as a percentage, along with their rank against other students who also took the same test. 

We will also provide information on how students performed on  the test over all, particularly the mean average and which questions were answered well or questions students found challenging. 

In our 'test and feedback package' you will also receive feedback specific to your child.  We will let you know up to 5 topics that your child needs to work on and will provided you with resources to help them make progress.

Our 'test and consultation package' offers a one hour video conference in addition to the above.  This session is designed for both adult and child to be present.  The expert tutor will go through the test providing more detailed feedback and ways to make progress.


Selective secondary schools usually invite students to sit their 11+ entrance tests between early September and late October of year 6.  Independent schools may invite students for testing in January of year 6.

Selective schools are highly over subscribed with figures such as approximately 1000 applicants competing for 120 places, being very common.

Performance in the entrance test plays a significant part in schools offering places.  As such, how your child ranks in terms of their score is very important.

As you prepare your child for the 11+ entrance test, having an idea of how they currently rank is very useful for a number of reasons.  Whether you are at the start of your journey, deciding whether a selective school is right for your child, or further along and need that reassurance that your child is on the right track, Rank My Maths is here to help you.


Feedback from the September 2020 Year 5 Diagnostic Test

"I personally believe this is a very good programme and waiting for the next few sessions. Would suggest if you could upload more videos explaining difficult topics I would highly recommend this programme."

"This was a really helpful test at the start of year 5 to identify gaps in your child's learning."

(What did you like BEST about the process?)

"Ranking and feedback and follow up session" 


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